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Quercus suber 'Oak Cork' Sphere  • Mediterranean • 4.7 grams ~ 37.6mm

After a Quercus Suber tree, also known as Cork Oak, reaches maturity it's bark can be harvested every 8 to 9 years without harming the tree. The tree will then regrow it's bark.


Ever wonder where cork comes from? Well, now you know!



* Photos show all sides.

* Sizes, shapes and colors my vary due to being a natural stone, being hand-carved and/or difference in computer monitors.

Quercus suber Sphere • 37.6mm

SKU: 70100QSC-4-7
$10.00 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
  • Quercus suber (Oak Cork) Sphere with Stand

    • Mediterranean Basin
    • 4.7 grams ~ 37.6mm
    • Natural; Hand-Carved
    • 70100QSC-4-7
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