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Metal Abbreviations:

ABF ~ Antiqued Brass-Finished or Color

ABP ~ Antiqued Brass-Plated

ABF ~ Antiqued Bronze-Finished or Color

ACF ~ Antiqued Copper-Finished or Color

ACP ~ Antiqued Copper-Plated

AGF ~ Antiqued Gold-Finished or Color

AGP ~ Antiqued Gold-Plated

ANP ~ Antiqued Nickel-Plated

ARF ~ Antiqued Rhodium-Finished or Color

ARP ~ Antiqued Rhodium-Plated

ASF ~ Antiqued Silver-Finished or Color

ASP ~ Antiqued Silver-Plated

BKP ~ Black-Plated

BKF ~ Black finish

BF ~ Brass-Finished or Color

BM ~ Base Metal

BP ~ Brass-Plated

BRF ~ Bronze-Finished or Color

CRP ~ Chrome-Plated

CP ~ Copper-Plated

GP ~ Gold-Plated

GPB ~ Gold-Plated Brass

GM ~ Gunmetal

GMP ~ Gunmetal-Plated

GP/SS ~ Vermeil (vərˈmā/Ver-may) Sterling silver or Bronze coated with 14 carat (58%) gold

NP ~ Nickel-Plated

RDP ~ Rhodium-Plated: Although rhodium is a metal plating from the same family as platinum it is a less expensive alternative.

RG ~ Rose Gold-Finished or Color

RGP ~ Rose Gold-Plated

SLF ~ Silver-Finished or Color

SP ~ Silver-Plated

SPB ~ Silver-Plated Brass

SPC ~ Silver-Plated Copper

SPP ~ Silver-Plated Pewter

Bead Abbreviations: 


AL ~ Alabaster: Beads that have a unique finish much like the old milk glass of the past, a dense translucent white or tinted finish.

AB ~ Aurora Borealis: Latin for "Northern Lights". A coating applied that resembles a rainbow finish.

BL ~ Black-lined: The bead hole is lined with black and gives depth to the bead color.

BrL ~ Brass-lined: The bead hole is lined with brass and producing a brass tone throughout the bead.

CL ~ Color-lined: The bead hole is lined with a color.

CPL ~ Copper-lined: The bead hole is lined with

copper producing a copper tone throughout the bead.

CY ~ Ceylon: Beads appear pearled due to the pearly appearance of the finish. 

GL ~ Glass

HEX ~: Hex beads have 6 distinct sides. The top and bottom of each bead is flat, not rounded.

LTR ~ Luster: The bead finish has a soft radiant sheen. Gold luster beads contain real gold in the luster finish.

MAB ~ Matte AB: These beads have a matte finish over the Aurora Borealis finish. 

MAT ~ Matte: Beads that have been submerged in an etch compound or tumbled, removing the top layer of the bead surface.The bead is smooth without any sheen.

MET ~ Metallic: Beads that appear to be made of metallic colors.

OP ~ Opaque: The bead has no transparency; you cannot see through the bead.

OPAB ~ Opaque Aurora Borealis

PIC ~ Picasso: Resembles natural gemstones at first glance.

RH ~ Round Hole: The bead has a round hole in the center.

SH ~ Square hole: The bead has a square hole in the center.

SL ~ Silver-lined: The bead hole is lined with silver color.

SM ~ Semi Matte: The bead has a frosted appearance.

TR ~ Transparent: You can see right through this type of bead.

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