Monkey Fist Key Chain • KC-MKF-SN3-22 |

A monkey fist was, and is still, used in the navy as a weighted ball at the end of a rope to throw between two ships, or to the pier from a ship, etc. ... to give the rope extra weight so it could be thrown further. Overtime, it has come to be used in jewelry, keychains, and for decoration.

* Not to be used as a weapon.
* Illegal to have in some States.

Monkey Fist Key Chain

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  • Monkey Fist Key Chain
    Made with a real steel ball bearing for extra weight when tossing a line!!

    • Paracord in Yellow Orange Red Brown Black
    • Hand-Made
    • 1 1/2" Round
    • Key Ring: 7/8"
    • Quantity: 1
    • Restockable: No
    • KC-MKF-SN3-22