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Moldavite • Czech Republic • 17.8 grams ~ 43x24x15mm

Moldavite is a translucent green meteoric gem, found only in what is now the Czech Republic. It is believed to have fallen from the sky ONLY ONCE, about 14.8 million years ago and is said to have extraterrestrial origin.




Sizes, shapes and colors my vary due to being a natural stone, being hand-carved and/or difference in computer monitors.

Moldavite • 17.8 grams

SKU: 90100MDV-17-8
$712.00 Regular Price
$356.00Sale Price
  • Moldavite Rough

    • Czech Republic
    • 17.8 grams ~ 43x24x15mm
    • Natural
    • 90100MDV-17-8



    Metaphysical properties are for your enjoyment and are not to be taken as medical advice.


    • Chakra: Heart, Crown, Third Eye, Throat
    • Astrological: All Signs
    • Numerical: 2, 6
    • Location: Czech Republic
    • Physical: Autism, Coma
    • Spiritual: Akashic Records, Ascension, Ascension Process, Communicating with Extraterrestrials, Connecting with Higher Realms, Connecting with Higher Self, Cosmic Consciousness, E.T. Contact, Enhances Attunement to Vibrations, Higher Self/Consciousness, Kundalini Energy, Raising Vibrations
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