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Lotus Incense
Experience the delicate and uplifting aroma of Lotus with our handcrafted incense sticks. Our Lotus incense is perfect for healing, meditation, mood enhancement, protection, and enhancing your spiritual practice. Each box contains 8 sticks, each measuring 9 inches long and providing an approximate burn time of 30 minutes. Made in India, our Lotus incense is crafted with the highest quality ingredients to ensure a pure and authentic experience. Light up our Lotus incense and let its floral fragrance fill your space with peace and tranquility.

Lotus Incense

SKU: 8-901810-01043-7
  • Lotus Incense 

    • 9" Sticks
    • Burn Time: Approx. 30 Minutes
    • Sticks Size: 9" Long
    • 1 box of 8 sticks
    • Hand Crafted in India
    • 8-901810-01043-7
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