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Icelandic Spar • Brazil • 142.4 grams ~ 52x36x27mm

Icelandic Spar is an optically clear variety of Calcite, originally reported from Helgustadir Mine, Eskifjord, Iceland, but is now found in other locations. 


* Photos show all sides.

* Sizes, shapes and colors my vary due to being a natural stone, being hand-carved and/or difference in computer monitors.

Icelandic Spar • 142.4 grams

SKU: 90100ILS-142-4
$36.00 Regular Price
$18.00Sale Price
  • Icelandic Spar

    • Brazil
    • 142.4 grams ~ 52x36x27mm
    • Natural
    • 90100ILS-142-4



    Metaphysical properties are for your enjoyment and are not to be taken as medical advice.


    • Chakra: Crown
    • Astrological: Leo 
    • Number: 3
    • Emotional: Calming, Clarity, Dispel or Release Negativity, Hope, Laziness, Memory, Motivation, Positivity and Optimism, Reducing Stress or Tension 
    • Physical: Blood Clotting, Eye Disorders and Infections, Headache and Migraine Relief, Immune System Strengthening and Support, Joint Pain and Health, Skin Infections and Irritations, Ulcers 
    • Spiritual: Amplifying, Divine Love/Connection/Guidance, Enhancing Psychic Abilities
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