Emerald Rough • Brazil • 105.3 grams ~ 55x52x36mm

Emeralds are the green member of the beryl mineral family. They are found in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks in a small number of locations worldwide. It's color is due to vanadium and/or chromium content. Emeralds have been one of the most desirable and valuable colored stones for over 5000 years.



* Sizes, shapes and colors my vary due to being a natural stone, being hand-carved and/or difference in computer monitors.

Emerald Rough • 105.3 grams

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  • Emerald Rough

    • Brazil
    • 105.3 grams ~ 55x52x36mm
    • Natural
    • 90100EM-105-3



    Metaphysical properties are for your enjoyment and are not to be taken as medical advice.


    • Chakra: Heart
    • Astrological: Aries, Gemini, Taurus
    • Number: 4
    • Emotional: Abundance, Calm, Compassion, Grief, Guilt, Honesty, Inspiration, Tranquility
    • Physical: Arthritis, Blood Pressure, Cancer, Colds, Detoxifying, Emphysema, Eyes, Fever, Heart, Immune System, Liver, Memory, Nausea, Toxins, Ulcers, Vomiting, Weakness
    • Spiritual: Clairvoyance, Clarity, Karma, Serenity, Vision Quest