Crown ~ Sahasrara (I Am) Charm • 30x23mm • 26100MTL-34007-12 | Smoky Mountain Beads

Chakra (cakra in Sanskrit) means “wheel” and refers to energy points in your body. They are thought to be spinning disks of energy that should stay “open” and aligned, as they correspond to bundles of nerves, major organs, and areas of our energetic body that affect our emotional and physical well-being.

Crown ~ Sahasrara (I Am) Charm • 30x23mm

SKU: 26100MTL-34007-12
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  • Metal Charms

    • Crown ~ Sahasrara (I Am)
    • 30x23mm 2.3mm loop
    • Silver-Plated
    • Lead-Free
    • Quantity: 1
    • Restockable: Yes
    • 26100MTL-34007-12
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