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50004CYTH • Chytha (Serpentine/Jade) Tumbled • China • Large |

Chytha, a beautiful, rare stone made up of Serpentine and Jade.

Nephrite and Jadeite are the only two rocks that can be name as Jade. Nephrite is a magnesium-rich amphibole [any of a class of rock-forming silicate or aluminosilicate minerals typically occurring as fibrous or columnar crystals].


Serpentine was named in 1564 by Georgius Agricola (Georg Bauer) from the Latin "serpens" = snake in allusion to the mottled green appearance of the mineral suggesting the resemblance to some snakes. The lightest shade of green is often called "New Jade".

Chytha Serpentine/Jade Tumbles

SKU: 50004CYTH
  • Chytha

    • Tumble
    • Rare
    • Natural; Polished
    • Country of Origin: China
    • Package Quantity: 1 stone
    • 50004CYTH Large
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