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Bismuth • Germany • 10.9 grams ~ 22x22x17mm

Bismuth, officially discovered in 1753 by French scientist Claude Geoffroy, is the chemical element Bi. It is naturally reddish-white to a creamy-white. It tarnishes beautifully into an iridescent bluish, pinkish, purplish and/or yellowish metallic color. It's soft, with a hardness of 2 - 2½.  All commonly seen in stair-step specimens are lab-grown.


* Sizes, shapes and colors my vary due to being a natural stone, being hand-carved and/or difference in computer monitors.

Bismuth • 10.9

SKU: 90100BIS-10-9
$12.00 Regular Price
$6.00Sale Price

  • Bismuth

    • Germany
    • 10.9 grams ~ 22x22x17mm
    • Chemical Composition: Bi
    • Lab Grown
    • 90100BIS-10-9



    Metaphysical properties are for your enjoyment and are not to be taken as medical advice.


    • Chakra: All Chakras
    • Astrological: Aquarius
    • Number: 2
    • Emotional: Change, Focus, Transformation, Visualization
    • Physical: Degenerative Muscular Diseases, Fevers
    • Spiritual: Shamanic Journeying
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