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56100BPP-70-3503WHT • Blister Pearl Round Go-Go 6-Hole Focal • 35x3mm |

Flat 6-Hole Round Go-Go Focal 


Blister Pearl is a pearly excrescence on the inside of the shell of a mollusk (like an oyster) that develops over a foreign body like granule of sand, mud or a parasite thereby creating a 'blister' bump or bumps.


Mother of Pearl is a  smooth shining iridescent substance forming the inner layer of the shell of some mollusks, especially oysters and abalones.




* Due to being a natural material, size and shape will vary.

Blister Pearl Round Go-Go 6-Hole Focal • 35x3mm

SKU: 56100BPP-70-3503WHT
$5.98 Regular Price
$2.99Sale Price
  • Blister Pearl

    • Round, Go-Go; Focal; Flat
    • 35x3mm 20mm Opening
      (5) 2mm holes
      Top & Bottom Drilled; Front-to-Back
    • Natural Shell; Bleached; Hand-Cut
      Color varies from tan/white to all white
    • Origin: Unknown
    • Restockable: No
    • 56100BPP-70-3503WHT


    * Sizes, shapes and natural design on hand-cut items will slightly vary

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