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F420A Opaque White Pearl Matte AB 11/0 Seed Beads | smokymountainbeads

Any small bead can be called a Seed Bead. However, there are several types such as Bugle, Cylinder (Delica), Drop, Hexagon, Round, Tiles, Triangle, etc. With the variety of seed beads available now there's endless creative possibilities! 

11-761 Matte Opaque White AB

SKU: 11-761
$1.40 Regular Price
$0.70Sale Price
  • Seed Beads

    • Opaque White Pearl Matte AB
    • Rocaille (Round)
    • 11º
    • Manufacturer: TOHO
    • Country of Origin: Japan
    • Package Quantity: 5 grams
    • 11-761 (was F420A)
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