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Hexagon Cut Seed Beads

Cut Seed Beads, also known as Hex (hexagon) beads, add an extra glimmery sparkle to your beading projects. They are close to the same size as regular beads but have six cut sides and flat ends. making them appear more cylindrical. 


Approximate Bead Specs


• Length: 2.8mm

• Width: 1.3mm

• Hole Size: 1.3mm

• Beads Per Gram: 33

• 5 gram packs


Length: 2mm
Width: 2mm
Hole Size: 1mm

Beads Per Gram: 110

• 5 gram packs


Length: 1.5mm
Width: 1.3mm
Hole Size: 0.7mm

Beads Per Gram: 250

• 2.5 gram packs

  • Out of stock can be ordered to meet your needs. Delivery to you within  7-10 days usually. 

  • Close out and retired colors can not be ordered. Once they are gone, they are gone forever.

Use "Sort by Name" to view by stock number.

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