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Grossular (Green Garnet)

Grossular is a calcium aluminum silicate, often occurring with Iron, Manganese, or Chromium replacing some Aluminum. It is a type Garnet. Out of all Garnets, Grossular has the most color variety. occurring in most colors except blue. Grossular is often dark in color, but can even be white or colorless. 

Although Grossular may not be as well known as Almandine and Pyrope, it does have outstanding gem varieties, including rare emerald green Tsavorite and orange to orange-brown Hessonite.

Originally named "cinnamon stone" ("Kanelstein" in German) in 1803 by Abraham Gottlob Werner. This stone was renamed Grossularite by Werner in 1808, named for the color of gooseberries (Ribes grossularium). However, use of the name Grossularite for the mineral has been discouraged by the International Mineralogical Association.

Grossular is also known as Grossularite, Viluite, and Wiluite.

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