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Miyuki Japanese 11/0 Delica Seed Beads


Delica beads are a specific type of seed beads that are perfectly cylindrical. They are modern Japanese beads with thin walls and large holes; they can be smooth or six-sided. Delicas are made by using precise, computer-controlled machinery to create very high-quality beads.


Miyuki Delica Bead Specs (Approximately)


Length: 2.5mm
Width: 2.5mm
Hole Size: 1.5mm

Beads Per Gram: 30 

• 5 gram packs


Length: 2.3mm
Width: 1.2mm
Hole Size: 1mm

Beads Per Gram: 108

• 5 gram packs


Length: 1.6mm
Width: 1.5mm
Hole Size: 0.8mm

Beads Per Gram: 200

• 2.5 & 5 gram packs


Length: 1.3mm
Width: 1mm
Hole Size: 0.7mm

Beads Per Gram: 350

• 2.5 gram packs

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