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Chromium 'Green' Tourmaline

Tourmaline is one of the most colorful minerals to be found. Some of the most common colors are:

  • Chrome Tourmaline, green

  • Indicolite, blue

  • Rubellite, pink or red

  • Schorl, black

  • Verdelite, green

  • Watermelon, green and red


However, rarer colors are:

  • Achroite (actually is colorless)

  • Canary, bright yellow

  • Dravite, brown

  • Paraiba, neon blue (rare and very expensive)

  • Siberite, purple


Gray, Orange, and White Tourmaline can also be found. 

Tourmaline can be heat treated to enhance it's color. A heated lighter green can be made into a deep green, light brown can be heated to red, dark brown (Dravite) can turn lighter in color and pink can be made colorless. 

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