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Newest Additions
& Back in Stock

What makes us unique!

  • Most everything is 50% (or more) off retail!. Moving our LBS (Local Bead Store) online has an advantage! We can now offer greater discounts and more promotions! 

  • When we can, we take photos of each item you see on our website so you won't be surprised when your order arrives! The exception is jewelry findings (ear wires, jump rings, clasps, etc.), seed beads and candles.

  • All the loose beads in bins at our retail location are now prepackaged in groups and sets so you can order just what you need!

  • We show different views of each item, along with a size reference.

  • One person handles pulling your order, packing, weighing and printing out your order to reduce any mistakes.

  • If auto-calculated shipping and handling costs are over by more than a dollar, we refund you the difference!

  • Local meet to pick up your order is now available!

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