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50000SD Sodalite Tumbled Chips per gram

Our Sodalite Chips are a natural and polished stone originating from Brazil, perfect for any crystal collection. Each bag contains 10 grams of chips, making it easy to incorporate into any project or display. The polished finish adds a beautiful shine to the deep blue and white coloring of the stones.


Sodalite is named for its high sodium content. It is formed from sodium-rich magma. It gets its blue coloring the mineral group called feldspathoids (low silica content). It is darker than Lapis and does not contain Pyrite like Lapis does.

Sodalite Chips • Polished

  • Sodalite

    • Chips
    • Natural, Polished
    • Stone Origin: Brazil
    • Sold 10-gram bags
    • 50000SD
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