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50003QSM • Smoky Quartz Tumbles |

Smoky Quartz is a semiprecious variety of quartz. It's color ranges from light smoky-gray to brown to black and is dichroic (from darker yellow-brown to lighter red-brown) when viewed in polarized light.


The color of Smoky Quartz is heat sensitive and will pale at temperatures above 400-600°F (200-300°C) or by extended exposure to UV light. This loss of color can be reverted by gamma irradiation.

Smoky Quartz is found in many different environments, but is most commonly found in igneous rock pockets and pegmatites.

Smoky Quartz Tumbles

SKU: 50005QSM
  • Smoky Quartz

    • Tumbled
    • Natural, Polished
    • Country of Origin: Brazil
    • Package Quantity: 1 stone
           50001QSM Pebble
           50002QSM Small
           50003QSM Medium
           50004QSM Large
           50005QSM Extra-Large
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