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50004oP • Opalite Tumbles • Large |

Opalite is the name for synthetic, man made, opalized glass and various opal simulates. It is also used to promote impure varieties of the common opal.

The streak of Opalite is typically white, although the inside may a range of colors visible from certain angles. Against direct light Opalite tends to look orange. You can read through Opalite, because it is translucent. It may contain air bubbles, an after effect of the forming process. 

aka: Bertrandite, Opalised Glass, Opalized Fluorite, Opalized Glass, Purple Opal, Sea Opal, Tiffany Stone

Opalite Tumbles

SKU: 50001oP
  • Opalite

    • Tumbled
    • Man Made
    • Polished
    • Country of Origin: Unsure
    • Package Quantity: 1 stone
      50001oP Small
      50004oP Large
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