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Cultured Freshwater Pearls

A pearl is created when small piece of a shell or other substance naturally gets inside a clam or oyster. Since it's a foreign substance the oyster creates hardened 'nacre' around it, adding layers upon layers, until it becomes what we know as pearls!

A Freshwater Cultured Pearl is created the same way with help of man. A tiny piece of shell or bead is inserted into the oyster. Then, anywhere from six months to two years, the oyster has created it's pearl! ​

  • Baroque: a pearl that is surround by nacre.

  • Button: a round, flat-sided pearl.

  • Potato: More oval than round. Usually has rings or ribs.

Photos are cropped to show the color. They are not to scale.

Mouse over or open to see the beads and size reference.
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