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Is it real or is it fake?


This subject appears online quite frequently so I’m going to start a file on some stone properties as they come up in conversation. There is nothing wrong with selling or buying any of these ‘stones/gemstones’ as long as the they are properly described.

  • Aqua Obsidian
    First, let start off with what obsidian is. Obsidian is molten lava that has cooled so quickly that it was not able to crystallize. It is a type of glass formed from sand and silica. It comes in black (Apache tear), blue, blue-green, electric blue, gold-sheen, green, mahogany, rainbow, red-black, silver-sheen, and snowflake. Some will have a transparency when held up to or against a bright light. Natural obsidian does not come in bright colors or is it crystal clear. The latest onslaught of these brightly colored, crystal clear ‘obsidian’ is only glass with color added.

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